Monday, April 4, 2011

Various changing mind

[Muu;] ‥
It is not time when it is lonesomely because of being likely being likely to decide the move of the company in GW and a variety of to do.
[Uo;] [uo;] [uo;] [].

More easily than a usual move because it is a movement to 2F. From 3F of the building even if you say the move of ..encounter.. ,

It broadens for a moment than now.
It will become easy to clean because it becomes flooring from the carpet.
At this occasion, I think that I throw away, clean, and roll up the unnecessary one.

When cleaning it, [umu] because you may not think about an extra thing just good timing...

The event that happens to me
It catches it because it is thought that all are significant.

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