Monday, April 4, 2011

It is every day of the animal assisted therapy in what nature.

A regrettable event happens today ‥.
It takes the elevator at home lonesomely and the cod.
It is surprised ..doing.. [-] because the [kkai] golden retriever gets on by [suggoi].
Weight ‥ It is a size without whether about 100kg.

It was worried [te] with unsteady steps.

Moreover, the dog is well when I smile as the person seems to like it. Tried to cling to [gaba] and me and when thinking my cuff [beroberonamemakuttekunkunshita] because the switch entered ‥ Aunt [chan] was not able to be suppressed and it was serious.

House..enter..this out.。

However, such dogs are seen.
It went for a walk, other dogs also played together by the dog run, and it became energetic ..cod.. for a moment.

[Sugoina] [-] ‥ Dog's [chikara] :.

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