Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Frog's taxi

It saw on the taxi that waited for the signal in intersection walking
this morning.
Frog's illustration : to the roof of the taxi ‥ It is possible to
laugh ‥ What taxi?"Dream" ..back of frog's illustration.. is very
written the desire when the side is seen, and "Dream" :.

It was possible to laugh in the morning.
And, the dream of me who forgot was made to be recalled ‥ Thank you for. Frog taxi.
Whether the company that says very much is doing is not understood well though it
examined with the net.
However, "Frog taxi of the rumor" was written in person's blog.

And, go to the meal eating in daytime, walk, and ..cod.. very much.
Moreover, frog taxi passed.
The second of today.
It is a furnace of keeping the chase.
??It gets excited.
?..doing... work
Moreover, the blog is not updated.

↓The image was at this address.
piezou+pietà Roomette of love

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