Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hesitating gastrocamera

It felt relieved because the paper of the complaint did not enter the post
This morning became ..bark.. obedient in "Bowl" and an energetic voice once at 4:30.

By the way, the result of the medical examination that had been received the other day was heard.
Then, there seems to be a polypus on the stomach.
Moreover, there seems to be a lime on the chest.
The lime cannot recall it this year when a white line was drawn at the playground.
Because it is possible to think of the condition of the stomach somehow when injure of no desire there is a stomach, and said so, it is mysterious.
"The nature of the disease" is true.

The doctor「The polypus is that can be done anywhere. It might be good later and one year. 」It
However, it is anxious for a moment. "It is a polypus in the stomach" cannot be said to mother
because it worries.
All polypuses that whether are.
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