Monday, October 13, 2008

Round face confrontation

It was defeated at me who had been defeated.
Pumpkin pudding that shines in convenience store to which it went a
little while ago.
About 30 seconds are watched as it hesitates whether to buy it, and
it has bought it.
And, it sits on the desk, it gazes, and it has eaten.
It is me who has little will power.
However, it eats the one that wants to eat to eat.
It is said that it is natural to eat what the body requests.

By the way, it went to the Totsuka country club to see the game of the Canon Inc.
opening on Sunday.
The Katayama professional and either are the confrontations ..whether it is a round
However, it was still defeated. He was rounder.

It laughed because my back figure reflected when returning to one's own
dwelling, and watching television.
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