Monday, October 27, 2008


It is in the company as for the story of money or the stock.
Reading is started to say after a long time, and everyone : "
Toshishun". 「What??It doesn't know. 」It began to speak.

And, after the talk ends, "It is, and a good story" :.
However ..a certain person.. .."Toshishun wants to have good time
twice".. .... quietly.
Hear it. 「Getting?Do you come so?」It .... resounded.

And various ideas exist.
...going out.. at once, golf, and the desire collapse.

Do..full..ambition..encounter..for a moment..differ.

However, I think, it is "Person" after all.
It heals it to the person, and however, it is damaged, and it healed
by the person.
It is variously.
Is it better than not being? anything ..encounter.. ,

It is a chat somehow today.

"Toshishun" is ↓ that can be read here.
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