Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Catscatsmen continues.

"Calendar 2009"
The scribbling version was able to be done capriciously.

My saying also : what.
Scribble do not understand well as usual ‥ Scribbling is these kind
of things.

Moreover, with the golf version
It has become a similar color ‥.

To tell the truth, it is Catscatsmen also in the evening so often ‥.

Though the noodle was put at the end of ..encounter.. , of the smooth
sesame pan.

Be to : by this Catscatsmentsz that it is ‥.
This Catscatsmen. Are not you filled with?

My Catscatsmen must
Noboruu of Kojimachi near old company it and four river restaurant in
flat river town.
‥ Do you go after a long time now?

It becomes a recreation when glossing it over ..the difference occasionally...

Calendar 2009 is ↓ that is here.

piezou+pietà Roomette of love

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