Thursday, November 27, 2008

I have caught a cold.

I have caught a cold.

, the day before yesterday ..doing with crowded train under going to
The person who stood in front of me sneezed and only the desire
?The breath is my face ー or a debt from a mortifying thing ‥ It has
inhaled already late to one's heart's content though the hole of the
nose was going to be shut at the moment.

It is thought and is a cod.
Is does the throat suddenly become painful in the evening, does it
sneeze, and?.

It did with being not able the refusal because of golf to the guest
it yesterday and tired out ‥.

Because it was still slow this morning
To the teacher when it always goes and it goes to the otorhinolaryngolo
「?ー?Is it painful?Melon melon (It is applied an ointment). 」‥ It to
start already is recovering in me
The medicine went out ..cod.. fully without thinking that the medicine
would go out.

There are a lot of surroundings recently ..cold.., too.
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