Thursday, December 4, 2008

I want to kick a small stone.


Yesterday's return went to the golf shop in Ebisu to buy anxious clothes.

It was sold out though it was two days ago.

It was not though it went to a golf shop different with walked to the Hiroo district
thinking that it was the state as it is.

This gives up not to buy it, and is a target change to the glass of fluorescent
pink wanting it.

This time, it was not though it went to the station building in Ebisu.

Then, it was not here though looked for in Yokohama thinking that it
was Yokohama Station either.

After all, the red wine and the olive were bought, it returned, it
drank, it got drunk, it raged with the dog, and it slept.

It returned it at the cold when occurring this morning.
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