Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wedding after a long time

It has gone to the wedding.
There was H&M and, then, the person did not think it was terrible soon near with and same Harajuku in a row though it was Tougou Memorial Hall in Harajuku.

It put on a black pantsuit of the example so often. When power was put in hips and
pants were swept, it was safe.
It was a stretch good because it had made efforts to hips for a long time while it
was putting it on.

Such a talk was assumed to be good, and the wedding that loved ..what.. and overflowed was good in feeling. It cried bitterly because of the last greeting. It always cries. However, the wedding is good.

It is freely said as living in that way by the enjoyment feeling what it whether is the people in bridegroom's company, and, and however, it is each person, and compared one it either.. is understood though it thinks.

It plays however to one's heart's content, and there are scrupulosity and decrease putting
and Omo when working and doing when playing.

It was a day when it was made to think in various meanings.

I will run laughing.
piezou+pietà Roomette of love

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