Sunday, February 22, 2009

However, I do not think that I do something when going to bed early.

It is Monday of rain. It may not be rain yesterday.

It participated in the tour opening game that started this year of [suburiba] and it existed in the golf course yesterday.

When it was this rain, [zouzou] was depressed. However, even if it doesn't rain though it was a regrettable outcome.
It is training of the mind as usual.
A short iron wandering did a green circumference only by the top.

And, I who got irritated, and got irritated sickened and it became low-spirited me who was low-spirited. It is still a practice.

And, the dream from which it seemed to be killed and it kept running away was seen in the evening.
When it is oneiromancy, it seems to be "The state of the overworking mind and body is symbolized. "
Tonight is a target of going to bed at nine o'clock.
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