Sunday, March 15, 2009

It changes to "It is good for the body".

Laboratory results were not so good and it walked lonesomely with the plastic bag of the medicine on the Meiji era street when going to the hospital on Friday.

The stress takes care not to straighten it taking care about food.

This year's target "Memories making 2009" in the translation will change to "It is good for the body".

It was happy on the weekend.
It was possible to sleep by room for about six that slept twice during 14 hours in total because of sleep & catnap, and became energetic for a moment another hours on Saturday.

It slept too much or was ..three.. ..standing.. [de] of "Chased dream", "Dream of seeming be killed and becoming it", and "Dream of seeming be cut and running away" however, and it trembled and it awoke [suggo] fear [kute].

It was a golf competition of an old company on Sunday, and the weather was also good and it was happy. When weakening, it becomes nostalgic. A nostalgic face is seen and it becomes energetic for a moment.

Let's have it meet the person as much as possible though it is low-spirited recently and made it not meet so much.
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