Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Was cannot able to update and [taa;] yesterday?[Kuu;]?・・。


However, because surely think about the same thing by everyone, might not wandering wander about the experience esthetics without working by going, and holding the knee in sands. ‥ [Hahaha] that [jaa;] and smart mind were said and talked about.

It paid a sympathy visit to Kyushu, and it went to the otorhinolaryngology eating the ramen moreover in the evening a little while ago ‥ because it became serious [utsushitara] by cold [ppiki] on the weekend the throat that had gone out of the shop at once.

Moreover, have you walked lonesomely on the Meiji era street with the vinyl that the medicine enters?、
[Nuu;]?[Dana] [-] what alone that doesn't come recently.
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