Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What sound is that?

[Iyaa;]?It was not possible to update it yesterday ‥ It returned from Numazu with the acquaintance in Atami for golf, variety and the [ttetara] complexion worsened, and it slept.

[Muu;]?Do it do sneaking about in a green circumference and wasn't the putter a little settled yesterday though the driver two [ume] was good either?
The [uu;] approach training field is [dekinaikanaa;] [-] in the nearby park ‥.

When you return the futon the hand because the hand is raised as usual, it sleeps, and it became numb because of [te] and [suggoi] [hiya] food getting cold when you awake [suggoi] [samu] [kute] eyes ..the right arm at the dawn so often.. ..‥..「[Gigigigigiii;] [gigii;]?」..[tte] sound.. [shitanoyo] !
Is that a sound of the bone?
Were you surprised?That sound what ‥

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