Thursday, May 28, 2009


Harpoon salt and ..renewing.. [shitawayo].

Yesterday ‥

It is single-mindedly cleaning [dawayo] at such time.
It is good to rub the rasp and is a place not done if usual.
Therefore, pumps of the bathroom must cut it. [Ninattasa].

It has a telephone call from [de] and a teacher a little while ago, and the operation even tomorrow night.

[N]?When thinking excrement excrement remark [tteruka] in the veterinary hospital because it is [samichinbou] & mama's baby
Even "Unexpectedly make it happily".

Do you worry?At all ‥
It seems to be good energetic for the time being, and carving of [maa;demo] ・・.

[Muu;]?In the summer of this year
It seems to end because of the rehabilitation of my treatment & [piezou].

Defeat [rukaa;]?..senility.. [].
[Uoo;] [].

[Haa;haa;] ‥
piezou+pietà Roomette of love

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