Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Is it impressed?

The female hormone ‥
Food is so much ..unrelated.. [irashiiwayo] because it is made from the cell in the inside of the body.
Well..soybean flour..milk..grow old..do..squid..continue.

To increase [de] and the amount of the secretion
It has the hobby, it stimulates, it falls in love sense of smell by aromatherapy, and it is impressed.
[N]?No ‥.

Hobby [kaa;] ‥ [Muu;]?

Dash [desa] ? in the evening from the station so often. think by ..[ttoa] that is not fireworks [gado] suddenly [-].. [ttetakara] and the surgical knife dog Pieta that it might be ..[purupuru].. frightened by one
There is a woman who went by another person, and the competition by two people.
It encountered and the person seems to have run in , so that might see fireworks in a hurry by he or she.

However, it was good because it had bubbled over happily hopping always ‥ [Puu;]?。

It had a telephone call from the teacher of the veterinary hospital in the evening oh, and seeming the mail of ..male dog [piezou].. [chi].
....being likely being likely safe.. [tte].. [n] because it seems to eat meal and it to be energetic though said. It worries.

Private and work be anxieties only shall not it be what. ‥?Is it better than there is nothing, too ‥?

However, however
..one.. [iiyona] ? after all, with nothing, too

Spottily ‥

piezou+pietà Roomette of love

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