Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Let's update ahead of time today ‥.

[Iyaa;]?Today..sake..end..how many..say..recent..tavern..plum wine..end..after all..very.

I want to end with at least favorite sake. It is opening of a ..[tte].. selfish mode completely.
The evening therefore is cover and ..becoming empty.. ! in the sushi shop in Ebisu to which it always goes ..cooling.. ..[chikuttona].. afterwards as usual in [ba-buraunjagu].
Do it grow old and did it swear it?・・

It was good, and carving ・・ is satisfactory.

I was glad to have given it up thinking that it was not likely to be able to go so much any longer.

piezou+pietà Roomette of love


Rane said...

Yes your English is hard
to read. I am sure you had
fun today... but I can not
understand it.

kazurin said...

Hello thank you for the comment.
Japanese of my sentences is also strange. I do not think it because I use the translation software. it is easy to understandI'm sorry.
Please come to however and the blog.