Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The bag was bought after a long time.

To after a long time yesterday
The sale is [te] when in front of the shop of Camper passing, and it doesn't separately buy it. When it enters thinking of [tte] ‥ [Kawaee;] that has met?To the bag.
Moreover, half the price [dawayo].

Because [datte] ‥.
My birthday was not bought. 。
..saying.. ?[Ndayo] [guri]?[Ndayoo;]?
Favorite word of CM of Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. in natural this ..encounter.. , recently.

Now in the feeling that came off ..the desire of [ikoutte]...
Though [ikoutte] is written by the feeling that came off what ‥

Selfish & mischief [kkode] and ..possession.. ?. the surgical knife dog Pieta[Fuu;] ..irritation Eliza it...
Will you settle down if aging ‥.

Really?It seems to see me ‥ [Fuu;]?
piezou+pietà Roomette of love

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