Sunday, July 26, 2009

Because golf has mortifying time, do you continue?

[Uu;]?It gets stuffy by the waist belt of rubber when coming back from golf yesterday or reddens hips and is itchy.
It is like a monkey ‥ It does, and moreover, when [muhi] is painted after it scratches, it sees, and [maa;iikedo] ‥.

[Iyaa;]?It was a competition of golf studio "[Suburiba]".
"It defeats me" will put out the best score with the target this time and though it challenged ‥

I was unbelievable with ‥. [yo;] and a dwarfish ..paving.. putt by the mistake of the selection of the club
Are you ..[aa;].. mortifying?

, encountered and how pleasantly swung when the waist was dropped and shaken for a moment yesterday though went out to the right for a long time in recent by the driver![Muu;]?Such [monnanokana] ‥

And, the result is very victory [desu] !. [Kirari]?[N].
..encounter.. , is handicapped because of being fully.

Because it was not thought that it won the championship
"Think can meet energetically by doing so by everyone and golf in very welcome" : ..saying the speech that falls suddenly the desire recently...

Vigour is not eaten meal, met the person, and understood naturally.

Therefore, when it is possible to do, I think that doing to one's heart's content so as not to regret to want to put it to want to do is good.
Is does it do so, and the [rutteiu] it is possible to want to do environment happy [yonee;]?。

Let's encounter and update the page of "It waits and play golf" after a long time by ,.
[Tandayona] of writing recently ‥

"It waits and play golf" is here.
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