Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Does the memory improve when doing very?

Does it begin to be made next year's "[Kazurin] calendar 2010" ‥ Let's this time make it to what series.

It encountered and , was saved up for a long time.
"Experience report" page of the room of [kazurin] was improved for a moment.
Though it is a report of the golf course
There is a course saved up where the memory is lost because it massaged it ‥, too.

Memory and corbicula recently.
Well, and in "Managing that [ttedounattakke]" of "Hey that", it is thought, and is understanding translation [naindakedosa] ? only in "That" that the conversation increases, and the other party doesn't understand why. 。

Recently, is soybean flour unrelated to the memory though it eats soybean flour ‥ What is natto that might be good?

It bought and it ate glucose in the drugstore the other day.
Having licked rather than eating.
The taste none of lemonade was feeling.
‥ Do not you change a little such?。

"Experience report" page of the room of [kazurin] is ↓ that is here.
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