Friday, August 21, 2009

Foreign Minister Susan

It went for a walk with dogs in the evening.

Male dog [piezou] is put to the wagon holding it thinking the return, applause and the shout of joy are heard from a person who cods and is previous, and it does ‥ What?The woman who did about 50-year-old mask to nearby soon : while seeing [te] and [piezou] standing when whiffing looking up thinking.
「Coming [ya;]?[Sugoi]. It is terrible. (While applauding. )It is [nareruwayo] in Susan you and Foreign Minister. Coming [ya;a;]?(Applaud being pleased. )」[Tte] ‥

For a moment after all ..dangerous.., even the person who doesn't know : if the usual though he or she talks.

It becomes scary ..[de].. for a moment.
"Thank you [u;]?"
It quit the scene for the time being while seeing.

It was what ‥ Then,, ‥.

Foreign Minister's [ttenee;] Susan toward a person and an unpleasant dog of the first meeting.
It was scary ‥.
piezou+pietà Roomette of love

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