Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I will value time.

Getting [e;] [tto] yesterday
It put up, and prince tune of the knee of the surgical knife dog Pieta ..[sobadewa] [-].. to rage was sung loudly.

[Iyaa;]?Do you give yourself up to the tune?
The drum comparatively beat [pokopoko] and the stomach of the Pieta was rolled up when noticing ‥ Well, let's assume it was good.

And, it cooked while dancing afterwards.

Is little withdrawal life [kaa;] during the third day?
[Uu;] steps steps ‥
It has come to want to shop in the loved do-it-yourself store.
, dogs' ..encounter.. strolls are ..going.. [kukedosa] ..

piezou+pietà Roomette of love

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