Monday, August 31, 2009

"Kazurin polo shirt"and"Kazurin mug"

It is a company today.
When you come after a long time
The dirt of various places is anxious, it cleans, and it rolls it up.
It is ..switch.. ..entering.. [rundayonaa;] in suddenness. ・・。

Next golf competition so often
It is a sponsor of "[Suburibatsua-]".
To what shall we make ‥?
The design company is the present [surutte] what as for something ‥.

[Muu;]?As for craft, ..retreat.. [-] is good.

The one to have joked was going to be made "[Kazurin] polo shirt" and "[Kazurin] mug" because it was good, printed, and it said when hearing it.

It is good or is now though it is it and feeling.
Be good because it is a competition without the prize originally, and with design and ..dependence.. [-].
piezou+pietà Roomette of love

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