Monday, September 14, 2009

Continuing catalog gift

The yahoo auction is exhibition fee free campaign [rashiwayo] from daytime of today for two days.

[Uu;]?Let's do very ‥.
‥ [Muu;] [mumumuu;] ..hesitation.. [u].

It has not asked ..catalog gift.. actually yet if it ..encounter.. .., aspect aspect.. is said that it will hesitate.
The rice grain : though decided ‥.
Because the one different every time the catalog is seen is anxious, it thinks of the Japanese syllabary made a miso after all.

However, a certain [fu] . of the meaning not happy...

There is a rough time ‥, too.
It reels and it thinks even whether [-] and I may also exist also such time.

..spending.. [soutto]. important now
piezou+pietà Roomette of love

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