Sunday, September 6, 2009

maneki neko dakku

The nose dripped and went to the otorhinolaryngology made the vicinity for several days back on Saturday due to slight fever & headache.

[Umuu;]?The interior of the clinic nowadays is terrible.
Moreover, it is not nurse's angel of sleep [chantachi] and the white robe.
Now, and it encounters and it is surprised at the feeling that went out of street lined with office buildings of Marunouchi by the shirt of a usual stripe though , teacher was also so.

Though it was thought it puts out very much, and it is safe when it infects it with other people because it goes to another hospital on Monday
Influenza was tentatively examined.
It was gloomy.

Are [de] and the inspection kit needed?Then, it has gotten it from commemoration because it ..[tte].. was heard.

Well, will be it another clinic hereafter today?
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