Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Measures for round face

[Muu;]?It is the weather that seems to be going to begin to rain at any moment ‥.
Isn't it ..would being better to go.. [inoka] , to dogs' previous strolls?・・。

It goes to the bookstore so often yesterday.
There was saying "Eco authorization" though the qualifying examination was wandered about.
The eco authorization ‥

Back cover [woji] [tto] that queued up on the bookshelf returned for a while with [pipi] though saw because it had not come.

When it is the state as it is ‥
Because [zouzoukao] seemed to round, I was going to study.
..driving in.. [manakutemoikka] any now however. It stopped it thinking of [tte].

[Sokka] of ..encounter.. ,
Need not you stick to any certificate examination ‥ Bookstore line [koutto].
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