Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I think that I run.

The aunt of Duskin : a little while ago.
[Iyaa;] after filters of range hood are exchanged and it returns?The switch entered with [puchi].

It cleans on the refrigerator the cooking stove surrounding and rolling up.
[Fuu;]?Rest for a moment ‥

It was E-mailed to mother to think desire [cchu] today or it was uneasy so often yesterday.
However, mail that wrote what I of a quite different content wanted to say returned as usual ‥.

It is ‥.
It is . ..whether understand.. .... to experience a similar thing.

[N]?After all, the translation that to be the hesitating time and to get depressed though solved for myself.

Does it encounter and does , whoever have trouble ‥?
What does everyone do at such time?

It cleans and it rolls it up for me at such time.
. because it ..[de].. becomes beautiful ..for a moment refreshingly...

[Aa;]?[Dameda] !
Slip out. ..slipping out.. [sunda] !

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