Tuesday, October 6, 2009


It has gone to the clinic today.

In the bookstore the other day
The book on space and the book on the history of Japan and world history were bought.
..reeling.. ? because it was strained though the book on space was taken [de] and today. After all, it waited as [bo] [] not feeling like reading [ttaku].

[Iyaa;]?Is the life various?It is ♪ ‥.
However, it catches it because it is thought that all are significant.

However, because the telephone is crowded when thinking the first distribution of ‥ by the voice guide, and the circumference
‥ [Tte] is waited for and cod "Stay away now and try to put it" is ..[matabuchi].. [maa;iikedo] ..cutting... turn to the department ** then when call another number

Isn't it something happy?

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