Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Belly rolling No.5"

I think that already sleep by me though it is six o'clock of the evening now.
I occasionally think a good Japanese syllabary.

Is it an alarm clock or surely occurrence [ruyona] in the morning even if it doesn't disregard it?‥ Experiment and experiment.

The desire boils up in the "futsufutsu" yesterday and it ..‥.. to [yuzawaya] and Kamata ..going.. so often.
[Iyaa;]?"futsufutsu" explosion [dawayo].
[Kawaee;] because of the wool of 100 yen. sayIt massaged it.
Is the belly rolled and do it knit it?It names ‥. "Belly rolling No.5"

[Fu] -
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