Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Do not enjoy it. ‥ It notices.

It went to the office to deliver material returning in the library yesterday.

Because it ..[de].. has slowed
It is [chikuttona] in the sushi shop in Ebisu to the return.

[Iyaa;]?Was it after a long time and happy?・・
The habitue will also do fully as usual, and board doesn't change and either it ‥ Well do not you change in case of about 3 [ke] the moon?
Was it BROWN JUG of Ebisu and [ndashi] of [chikutto] last week?。

Painful in [horazu] and house
[Aa;]?Was it after all good and happy to become it?・・

[Muu;]?It thought of going [teoko] [-] while being possible to go by putting it when anything was able to be done.

The final episode of white [**tou] is seen while eating daytime a little while ago and crying bitterly so often.

Health shall not be the best.
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