Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I who wants to become it am imaged.

[Umuu;]?The surgical knife dog Pieta : the stroll this morning as [ira].
It bit to the neck of male dog [piezou] ‥ At all. 。

Did you go [te] as it searched for the shop of the aroma massage near the house because it seemed to have been good yesterday so often?[Fufu].

It has talked fully as [dakedo] of sleep [chandatta] privately done with one room of the apartment house and receiving of the counseling of the [nanka] [okokoro] [chiyo] [kute] psychic treatment internal medicine, etc.

‥ The story was heard seriously though it was such an expression to joke.

Though the massage was pleasant it
Even if it settles down for a moment and the mind lightens, do you feel it?Falling ・・.

After all, is it [rutte] it is possible to hear important [dayona] as for [kedosa] , talk that to solve it for myself?After all,

Whether am not there strange solicitation, and either may I think it is all-out when the individual is doing to it or not?

[Umuu;]?[Yodomi] [ppuri] of the mind and the body
It thinks, and because the room is dirty, it cleans and rolling up well.

‥ [Iikoccha] of ..reeling.. , .
piezou+pietà Roomette of love
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