Sunday, November 29, 2009

The steam foot spa was bought.

..[ne] ,.. sleepy ‥
Because does it :?[Rururuu;]?♪
Painful updated while doing steam foot spa. [Ruruu;]?♪

Household appliance store [depie;] [ruga] was found , ..encounter.. unpleasant.
Two dogs of mischievous though it knows the foot bath gets warm ‥ When it is a usual foot bath, the hot water is licked and impossible impossibility.

However, because the foot is covered under [kapo] and the knee with this, it seems to be safe.
Moreover, as much as 10,000 yen were also weaker than the store and it was possible to buy it by examining it on the net.
Did you come asking yesterday a little while ago?。
It does [de] and now.

The preparation and putting back in order occur and considerably warm steam occurs for a moment though it seems to be troublesome.

Is the effect a very Japanese syllabary?
The enjoyment after it ends.

The steam foot spa is ↓ ..this it...
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