Sunday, December 27, 2009

It dreamt, it was shouted that it was scary, and awoke in my voice.

[Yume] was seen saying ..[suggoku] [kowa] in the evening...
It is in the parents' family why, and the house is looked after alone and the cod.
..scaring.. [ikaragya] [gya] dream of clamouring. close the shutter panicking because a man smashes a windowpane and it had almost walked into a house

[De] and it actually cries out.
It awoke being surprised me for the voice, too.
Is it about four o'clock of the dawn?

Everyone seems to have been surprised.
It is [battanbattan] movement [iteta], and [hahaha] in male dog [piezounante] [kure-to].

[Madaikka] ..laugh... express the opinion by putting out loud voice
I'm sorry for surprising it [yoo;]?
However, is only this [nee;] anyhow?・・

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