Sunday, December 13, 2009

Old times were recalled for a moment it was what.

[Pie;] [runi] is invited on Saturday.
It went to the concert of earth window & fire.

Though it was an international forum
[Iyaa;]?Are Yurakucho and the concert [burii;] after a long time?。

‥ Does [desa] and guest's age groups stand up and do all of the 40 ? in one's fifties stand up with the sea weed sea weed in feeling?It rose standing from the first though it thought of [tte].
I also danced standing of course.

The known tune was many.. and was happy.
Though it was thought that there was an encore
Electricity ..end.. at once attaches and cancels. !It was [tte] feeling.

[N]?It is after erica [badou;] several years in concert ago ‥ It is occasionally good.
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