Thursday, January 28, 2010

Aerobics why

It went from that to Nautilus room yesterday.

The schedule of the studio was confirmed thinking that Pilates was done because it was special and it entered the studio for that time.

Atmosphere is different.
It ..Music cancer cancer.. drives it.

[Desa] and next aunt talks to.
「Therefore in [waka] not is, [yo] ..going out [horamo] and before... Do because I have not gotten movement remembered yet?」[Ttesa] .
[N]?Movement [tte] ‥

Is it very [o;] when starting thinking because [zouzou] is lent and it says?Class of aerobics.
It slightly has a pain also in the waist, and [yabai]. Do you start while it thinks of [tte]?‥ [Fuu;] done after all for 50 minutes?・・

Years how many ..doing aerobics.. is it ago?
No, tens of years?
[Iyaa;]?It was surprised.

What was, and? the teacher was a rest and aerobics yesterday.
It is ..lack.. [fu] . as for the sweat of fresh [maa;demo].

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