Friday, January 1, 2010

"There is total for one year on the New Year's Day" : though says ‥.

It becomes [dousurutte] talk on the New Year's Day before it sleeps in the evening, and "There is total for one year on the New Year's Day" will say, and see the new year's first sunrise occasionally getting up early.

When forcibly lacking because leaving was what, deep-frying, eating, and sleeping, it was slightly unpleasant it to was New Year's soba and deep-frying the lack in [de] and the evening.

It went to see the new year's first sunrise taking the stomach medicine because it was still unpleasant when getting up at 5:30 in the morning.

Dogs also go together.
[Kepo] [ttona] .. wandering about until the sunrise, talking to of ‥ in such and lover's of the dog sleep [chan], already useless [ou] , while it is speaking ..doing.. of ,, and ..back.. turn ・・
[Iyaa;]?It came ‥.
It is the first throw-up to backing early of the New Year's Day as for the sunrise on new year's day ‥. Might always have wanted to see that sleep [chan] by me.

Though it strolls ..[desa].. afterwards and it returned in the place where the surgical knife dog Pieta is a center of the road this time
[Kepo], [kepo], [kepo], and ..[kee;].. [ttona] , [fuu;]. 。

It puts in order eating dinner a little while ago and the cod.
The hand slips and the glass of baccarat is dividing [chimattanoyo] !.
However, [-n] & [shobo] [n] ‥.

It on earth becomes what one year this year ‥.

Become pink.
Tonight though it washed with the soap of the smell of the rose ‥ Spottily ‥

The [aa;] this day is a chat somehow ‥.
Can be healthy ..[nikaku].. all with [maa;demo].

My best regards this year.

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