Monday, February 8, 2010

Dog's sweets were made.

Is the surgical knife dog Pieta too hungry in dogs' meal now though the night is two times at about 8 AM in about ten o'clock ‥ It occasionally vomits with [kepo-] [] in around the evening.

After man finishes eating meal because of the discipline, it is [nanoyo] the encounter slowness at , night.

Sweets decided to be given in the evening because it might be [de], and it be hunger Rin.

All [suggoi] [ko] [ttetesaa;] though it looked for dog's sweets on the net?
Such [tsukutteraremase] a [-].

It ..[de].. thought independently. The way of making is very easy.
It cuts it in the size in which it eats the sweet potato easily, and is it a microwave oven and is it Chin?End.
..sweetness.. ?..saying.. [kaori] does and it is delicious though nothing is applied.
Dogs also are mumblingly eating "Potato" savory sensitively reacting to the word now.
It was good because it had not vomited after it came to have eaten the sweet potato.

Well [razudo] ..change.. [-] of [sou] is good book [iterukedo]. 。
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