Monday, March 15, 2010

I will do regular life.

[Puu;] ‥ [Te] was not able to renew by sleeping for a long time yesterday.
[Iyaa;]?Now, and it is variously since the weekend and if you speak though it is long.

It is favorite [nadake] and [ttaru] because the 13th was a birthday as for a favorite thing.
In Kokomo in loved Kamakura thinking of [tte]
Natural oyster & spumante [fuffuu;]?♪ prosciutto & olive?[Fuffuu;]?♪ [oichii;]?♪ drinks eating while seeing the sea and is a translation that is the mood.
[N] on the beach additionally ..cutting the fingernail of the foot... During [toki] of fine quality[Fu] .

When it liquidates before it takes the car in [de] and the parking lot of the coin parking and it gets on the passenger's seat, is it very [o;]?!
[Ban] from bar [gasa] ,. ‥, and do "[] that is not watch [n]" on my nose and whether it happened has not been understood of what momentarily ..[tte].. fall.
It said though my leg was seen with the [itapie] [ruga] rearview mirror in the car.
However, it is a cry laughingly because of being amused though is painful because it gets drunk ‥ [Fuu;]?・・。

At night though it had a pain in the head
Whether it is a cause is not understood. it is either because the head becomes painful if the medicine taken now is taken

The cutlet was going to be put in the return of the clinic for a moment on [de] and 14, and it ate a cutlet bowl and nearby set though it was late in daytime.
It sleeps for a moment afterwards ‥.
Then, it slept lightly eating the noodle around ten o'clock though it was going to sleep without the stomach's leaning, and eating at night.

Then, it went to the internal medicine department in the evening because the pain was not settled even if [kepo-] [tto] vomiting [chattesa] , medicine would be taken because the stomach was unpleasant like occurrence [terarenai] next morning.
It was unexpected development, and very a suppository laxative ‥ An intravenous drip was administered and it returned.

[De] and this morning though it went to the clinic
[Fuu;] ‥?

It thought, and regular life is done and the way :.
..encounter.. ?I think that the god was angry how many these days it.

Reflection ‥

[Shobo] [n] ‥

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