Thursday, April 1, 2010

I want to talk one-sidedly occasionally.

Today ‥ Feelings that chat.

The wind was terrible yesterday ‥.
[Jojo] do [ttosase] in dogs however to one's heart's content and it went for a walk in daytime.
[Iyaa;]?It is surprised momentarily it is not possible to breathe because of the wind.
Today and ..raining.. went walk the dog at [ruttekaiteattakara] and night.

Dogs were put in [kure-to] of the bedroom thinking being able finally slowness by ..[de].. completing the first stage, it turned the television on, it boiled ..starting step into a bath.. ..male dog [piezougawa] at the moment.., it made noise, it was rolled up that the surgical knife dog Pieta was [modase] [-] of me this time when [-] commotion was put out, and [piezou] was put out, and, after all, put it out ‥.

Here is nakedness because it started entering.
Dogs raged on the passage and stepped into a bath though worried.

It uses it for [de] and the bathtub, and the cod Pieta is a door of the glass, and here mischief face [deji] [tto] is not seen.

[Yabai]. It went out cleaning it washing one's body panicking because it thought.
It sleeps after all, [jojo] [ttoyatterushi] and [piezou] mumble the entrance in the passage, and the Pieta is brandished in the whir holding the bandeaux in one's mouth ‥.

The flooring of [jojo] of the Pieta when leaving it.
..reeling.. ? because it is discoloring strong. It is a settlement of the rest room like ..departure.. [hadaka].
[Pachi] [nto] head has been instinctively beaten because the Pieta still plays a trick in the surroundings and it rolls it up.

The Pieta is shy afterwards even if I approach, and unpleasant air of feeling flows in Onna's fight.

However, does Onna forget if sleeping at night?。
I want to do the Pieta and reconciliation licking this morning.
It sticks and the holding holding is not done unusually depending too much.
[Fu] , [kawaee;mondawayo].

[Demosa] [-] ‥ Is it [narundayone] [-] emotionally [fuu;]?。
Is the Pieta true?It seems to be just like [ni] me ‥.

Here says very much or is [moo;] though thought variously best. It sickens also by me who that is the line of vision and weeny on what it whether is [tte], and, and is brandished and is two difficult.
It was lonesome for a moment afresh.

It is nakedness in the evening and wandering about [tetakaraka].
It slightly has a pain in the throat somehow this morning.

To the teacher in the Chinese medicine outpatient so often yesterday
「No denial of me and flexibility. Forgetting neither laughter nor thanks」Was [tte] said?。


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