Saturday, April 24, 2010

In the "futsufutsu"

[Iyaa;]?It was happy ‥ Yesterday's girl lunch ♪.

After all, it made it to [rushie-ru] of Yokohama Royal Park Hotel.
It is French. Well. I occasionally think a good Japanese syllabary because I do not usually eat.
Because the weather was bad, it is pure-white though it was 68F besides the window.

I thought it was after a long time [desa].
It is thought that speaking after all is important, and the girl :.

After all, it is always different in daytime though dogs are talked to ‥.

As [ira] of the surgical knife dog Pieta, a little while ago fruitlessly, it is [dawayo] of ..listening.. crying out because it did in the "futsufutsu" still in the hand as for the tune of an old RC Saku session though bit to the suspender that has it.

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