Friday, April 30, 2010

Nostalgic night

It watches television the other day and the cod.
Grand prince hotel Akasaka hears from March next year [surutte] of closing a library and is a surprise.

Red Puri [kaa;] ‥
..‥.. .., sub-subcontract.. . ..doing... painful work fairly ahead about web

[N]?‥ All the old times at Christmas

Kabukiza is rebuilding ‥.
In Kabukiza in [aa;souieba] childhood
There was a symposium of the japanese dance ‥ [Natsukasui;]?。

[Umuu;] ‥
Do memories remain even if the building is lost ‥?

The thing not usually recalled
It is ..recalling.. [sunee;] [-] when there is this.

Are it occasionally looked on back on old times for a moment?

Might it be good for a moment today so often?

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