Sunday, April 18, 2010

What is happiness?

Today ‥ There is no written thing.

[N]?As usual
The room of [kazurin] is updated while holding because the holding of ..male dog [piezou].. "holding" is said, and [mukkuri] ..[piezou].. gets up occasionally.
It is a foot and [ban] as for the keyboard. ‥

Always..change..especially..write..thing.It actually happy, and? however, how what is not changing [a;], and?

It goes [sateto] , dogs' strolling.
Let's go to the sale of the time of the supermarket afterwards.

‥ like raining of money at Wednesday and Thursday again so often The raincoat, and no examination of [piezou] necessary. should
[Fu] , [fufufufu] ‥

●piezou+pietà Roomette of love
●File Exchange and Backup Service KD-Server

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