Thursday, May 13, 2010

Is it because it is possible to become no?

[N]?After all..thing..good.‥ Good [ii] and [umu].

It very fiddled with clay the other day, the picture was drawn, and it was ..[-].. very ..becoming empty.. happy only though it talked about [tsukurutte] ..something...

It is a pin corner, and it is dangerous because it rages jumping on the chair of male dog [piezou] though the chair made in front of [demosa] , is put on living.
Moreover, it doesn't enter other rooms because it is large ‥.

Selfishness sent to warehouse in parents' family
[Kedosa] . that to have already said for years how many

It is food to make the after all weeny one fully.

Guy of powder. encounter and drank , aspect aspect blue soup
It tasted like the leaf like the putting out soup.

●piezou+pietà Roomette of love
●File Exchange and Backup Service KD-Server

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