Thursday, June 10, 2010

Scary dream (three bookstands)

[Saa;] in evening ‥
Moreover, three bookstands. ..having a terrible nightmare.. [tanoyo] , moreover

..cod shark.. [guoo;] [tto] attack [tanoyo] !. play first in the sea
Were you scary though got away?。

There is a crocodilian and going to [de] and subsequent someone's house to play is ..aim.. [waretanoyo] !.
It climbed above and it got away somehow.

..possession.. ?Do it awake as [purupuru] trembling with scary and the cold, and do it dream a happy dream this time?[Ni] ♥Now when [tte] sleeps, it is dream [dawayo] that is this time on the outside and attacked by a big bear.
Though it runs into in the car that shortly suits and it survived ‥

[Uu;]?‥ Tired out in living.
All are driven in physically and mentally, and it relaxes because it is a state of tension and seeing is [rottesa] . of oneiromancy.
Only a scary dream is [dayoo;] from yesterday ‥.

[Muu;]?Being possible to go to [yuzawaya] is good. this
It is [nattekoyo] [tto] in the Nola cat for a moment.

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