Sunday, July 11, 2010

After all, is it analog?

Friday..night..dinner..way..Japanese syllabary..think..wander a long

[N]?I am to trow selfishly trivial Onna only the time of the stroll matched to the weather with the dog for a long time in recent and the house because I think.

Well, it is each person then whether it is something interesting Onna.

Oh I want to make it ‥ hearing "Recently, is something made?" ..[de].. by telephone.
It is [-], and nothing is made along.
It designs at the hospital waiting time, and [choro] and handicraft [shiterukedo] occasionally.

‥ Time was forgotten, and when the chair was designed, every day from it was happy and a vegetable of enhancement making the model though the body from [datta] was tight. worked

It is [maa;sa], and a story of only having to do ..[udauda].. without saying.

All design companions of the chair seem not to make it recently so often.
Is it chased, and does time pass all lives of every day with surprising swiftness?

Let's meet the friend for the time being.
It to be an escape and staying indoors for a little while.

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