Sunday, June 19, 2011

Is the life rhythm the same?

Now on the weekday.
I think that I make meal every day every day and eat at home because I say that it will eat meal in a place different from always on holiday morning. a long

It is [de], and is lonesome and is a cod.
[Pie;] [ruga] went to [tari-zu] taking care with also on Sunday morning.
It is a married couple who is previously, and it seems to take, to buy coffee by [omo] on the inside because it is special, and is a cod, and comes very much by the chat auntie of yesterday's dog taking, and to be meeting though there was a married couple of the dog taking ‥ Well. Talk.
Therefore, it returned quickly eating again.

Well ‥.
Because [kedosa] , enjoyment that is tiny [ikoto], . ..lonesomely...

When you go to the supermarket in [de] and the evening
It is meeting [tawayo] in the dog taking chat auntie very again.

[Fuu;] ‥
It was chat auntie's weekend ‥.

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