Friday, June 24, 2011


Unpleasantness?‥ [Guddoraifu] is said.
It often cries it is [gorigori] [kosu] [ttetawayo] as for the ginger of the ginger grilling though is a sink it as for tears though sees because the TV drama was recorded.
It is entreated terrible and it is tired out.

What do you say ‥?
Though it thinks [arutte] to be natural ..tomorrow..
It doesn't understand when how to become it, and it is welcome.
When every day is spent, it forgets though it ..such a thing.. understands.
[Aa;]?Utmost alive [naitonaa;].

It beats so often by the [yuruyuruna] feeling of the first half, it rolls up, and 55 though it went to play golf about walking after a long time yesterday ‥ The latter half concentrates thinking that shoes are bought and is 52.
It strikes and [shika] doesn't change into three though the latter half concentrated why ‥.


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