Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It is a secret base tonight. Fuffuu♪

Though it is a story of the hair of dog [tachino] [nikukyuu] written yesterday
The current state was recorded, it depended tentatively, it was thought [-], and improved to YouTube.
Well [indakedosa] ..not taking a picture.. , [hahaha]

Ground was still hot though yesterday had gone for a walk at about 5:30 in the evening ‥ Ground already seem to be hot, and [muu;] in the morning around eight o'clock?As for the stroll in summer, time zone is limited.

Because it goes out in the evening today
Even the park in the lawn is put to the wagon looking for shade ‥.

If you do not take care because the dog seems also to have Heat Disorder.

[Nikukyuu] of improvement [shitapiezou] is here ↓ in ..encounter.. , YouTube.

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