Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nonalcoholic Chardonnay spark ring

It was cool for a moment in the evening ‥.

However, when sleeping with getting cold a cold pillow
Do it get cold this time and did it awake many times in the rest room?[Uu;]?・・

This is [uttekoto] ..the occurrence of any situation many times... ?
However, no [-] ‥.
I will take a nap for a moment on the [uu;] this day ‥.

It seems to be ..encounter.. , so. It does by CM.
A nonalcoholic Chardonnay spark ring was drunk.
It drank with the flute glass thinking that atmosphere was put out even for a moment.

[N]?However, is it slight?・・
The impression of few, strange acidities remained in the carbonic acid ‥.

However, am I strange because it drank with cold [ppiki]?
No, buy it however.
[N]?Ahead in the shop of Italian food though the drunk non-alcohol was delicious ‥ Let's hear it by you in that shop.
..encounter.. ?Or, [naa;] ..whether it is atmosphere...

[Buu;] [buu;] [buu;]. become it ..drinking.. [tteiuka] and physical condition bad [itoki]

Food [tto] and today's cold [ppiki] information. [Pafu] !
It holds it in the nose drip. This time..cough.
You should go to the hospital ahead of time when thinking that it has a pain in the throat.

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