Sunday, July 24, 2011


[Iyaa;]?It is sleep [tetayoo;], and [shobo] [n] on the weekend ‥ Still in minute fever [kozou].

..encounter.. ?However, whenever you see dirt if the house is not done for a long time
Does [aa;] : though endured with a jerk thinking?と?The cleaning switch enters and has cleaned it with [puchi] in all of a sweat this morning.

Sneaking about moreover, it is sneaking about [iikedo] in the direction where it tries to wipe the floor from movement [surundayona] [maa;kawaee;] as for the circumference of [watashi] ..[desa] and male dog [piezou]...

[Aa;]?Does not cold recur?

[Sateto] , this week?Popping [ruzo] [-uo;] [].
The schedule that pops separately is [naikedosa] , [hahaha] even if it says.

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